#bekon #baekyeon (w: Main Square, Kraków)

sweet trembling


hakyeon/taekwoon, pg, ~800 w

(cheesy first kiss thing im sorry)

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vixx, n/leo, pg, 1.9k w

prompt: leo remembers his past lives with n, he reincarnates as a cat but still wants to be close to him.

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Hi hi! In your fic rec, you accidentally mistook 'angels in the alleyway' as a suchen fic. it's krisho :)

ohhh crap! thank’s for pointing this out, gonna change it right away! :D


07 /  Jinki favorite pics

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tao’s nightmare every morning: baekhyun

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boa & sehun - only one



#peter’s first words in the series is ‘you must be stiles’

At first you’re like “oh wow that’s interesting” but then you’re like “wait what has Derek been saying about Stiles to a comatose Peter to make him that recognizable”

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