Preteen jongtae and older brothers onkey. Either pairing as brothers and onkey secretly dating and Jonghyun tells Taemin and they spy on them and try out some of the things they see the older 2 doing, on each other.


"Shut up." Taemin said dismissively. "My brother and your brother don’t even talk a lot, except about school."

"Yeah, because they’re busy kissing." Jonghyun argued and Taemin rolled his eyes.

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this needs a title (onkey)


You should write something onkey. Onew is a blind harpist and key is an ex model, ex rockstar, live in care nurse that jinkis family hired.

Jinki didn’t need the help, but he indulged his over protective parents’ wishes by letting Kibum stay and cook (because honestly it wasn’t his forte), and help clean, too. He also realized that Kibum needed the work to get himself through school and he quite enjoyed the company. Kibum had amazing stories to tell. His life before he decided to get into the medical field was downright adventurous, though the older man could tell he was much happier living the quiet life. 

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a kdrama with that overused “girl crossdresses as boy and main guy starts getting consatnt Am I Gay? feelings around her” except when she reveals shes a girl instead of being like whew im straight the guy realizes hes been gay this whole time and hooks up with the second lead


me attempting to reach the goals I’ve set in life


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